Preparing for slow winter trading

pexels-photo-289756Winter can be a make or break time for hospitality venues. To keep business buoyant over this slow trading period, business owners and operators need to make sure they have good systems and processes in place.

That’s where Sculpture Hospitality can help.

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Eliminating alcohol losses

gonzalo-remy-522263-unsplash Overpouring and wastage can account for a shortage of up to 10 percent of your total drink usage!

Find out what you can do to ensure you aren’t pouring profit down the drain.

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Overcoming obstacles of effective business

stil-564510-unsplash Having a good business plan is important for the long-term success of hospitality venues.

In this article, we talk about some of the challenges venue managers have to overcome to implement a successful business strategy.

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Kegged wines provide untapped potential

kyle-loftus-594511-unsplash Kegged wines have become very popular in the North American market.

Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality’s Regional Director for the American West Coast, explains the benefits this growing trend has for venues worldwide.

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Stand out from the crowd

michael-henein-311118-unsplash What is your venue doing to set itself apart from the competition?

Whether it’s a designer fit out, extensive cocktail menu, or local beer or wine list, make sure you have a point of difference to entice customers through your door.

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Better wine profits


Wine sales have become increasingly important for all hospitality venues, yet the gross profit associated with wine is comparatively lower than liquor or tap beer. Venues can make good profits on wine, however, by being savvy with the wines they stock and the glasses they choose.

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The importance of training


 A large part of what we do at Sculpture Hospitality is to help hospitality venues identify thousands of dollars of lost profit. Most lost revenue comes from poor practices or a lack of solid systems and processes.

This highlights the ongoing need for staff training, in the practices and procedures that you want in your business.

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Craft cocktails a hit in North America


lindsay-cotter-465400One of the best things to happen to North America’s bar industry over the last five or six years has been the resurgence of craft cocktails. They are profitable for the bar owner and provide customers with an original creation that they won’t find anywhere else.

Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director California, explains how bars can best take advantage of this crafty trend.

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Bar gives away $18,000 worth of wine

ScreenShot2017-11-09at11.30.08AMLast month, Sculpture Hospitality helped a Christchurch bar discover that they had given away $18,000 worth of wine because the pour lines printed on its wine glasses were wrong. How confident are you that your glassware is marked accurately, or that you are charging correctly based on the amount of product poured to the marking? read more





Prepare your bar for the festive season

The festive season can be a lucrative time for hospitality venues. This high-volume trading period can place enormous pressure on hospitality venues.

Brad Legassick, Sculpture Hospitality Franchise Owner for the Gold Coast in Queensland, shares some of his top tips to maximising your profit potential during this time.

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How good are your stock systems?

sergio-alves-santos-26588 (1)
Having solid systems and processes in place is an essential part of any business.

While these should be used on a regular basis, many owners fall into the trap of neglecting them, instead having a ‘she’ll be right’ mentality. This type of thinking can negatively affect your business.

Do you have solid procedures in place when you order from a supplier?

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Local brands growing in the North American market


Five years ago, draught beer was almost identical at every bar in the U.S. Today, bars are expanding their  beer selection, and consumers are moving away from the big brands toward local craft brewers.

With this trend beginning to happen within the liquor industry too, Ian Foster, Sculpture Hospitality Regional Director California, explains what bars can do to make the most of it.

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My Top 5 Tips For Running a Sucessful Bar

bar-with-people-370x216For many novices to the industry the science of operating a bar or restaurant can seem daunting. As well as being responsible for the day to day operations of the business, key factors such as Cash Flow, Profit and Loss, Stock Variances and future planning also fall under the general operators wing. No wonder an… read more




Why Your Bar Needs A Signature Drink

images-3More than 60% of your customers don’t know what they will drink until seconds before they place their orders, according to research by Diageo, the world’s largest liquor company. Diageo describes the bar area as the “Decision Corridor”. Think about that for a minute. What an amazing opportunity for you to sell your customers something different… read more




Rethinking Your Stock Levels

Over-pour-370x216How do you determine just how much inventory is right for your establishment? If you’re opening a new bar then it is s little easier as you can start from a small base and build as you require. You are in control and can add product as needed. Unfortunately the majority of the industry is… read more




How Good Are Your checks?

images-1-186x216Having systems and processes in place is an essential part of business today. Using them and using them continuously though are two different matters. Some systems are so basic and yet a lot of owners fall into the trap of thinking “she’ll be right!” For example when you place an order with a supplier what… read more