As a group we were geographically challenged to understand “real” week to week figures regarding our usage and ullage. As much as top line sales figures show us what we have sold, the real need is to identify what we actually sold and used. With the Bevinco boys we have developed independent measurements week by week which have increased our yields in all areas and in particular draught beer where we aim for losses of less than 2% which we often achieve.

Peter Clark is a professional whom has seen both sides of the Industry and brings an understanding and insight which brings more than just an auditing approach to cost Management. Furthermore the Queensland and Sydney operators Matt Francis and Scott Chivers respectively have been equally efficient and invaluable to our business. I wholeheartedly recommend, if you are not in your venue/s everyday you will be astonished the improvement in your costs Bevinco will deliver in a short period and even 10+ years on we wouldn’t consider not having them in our business.


Red Rock Leisure

Chris Shine, Red Rock Leisure Pty Ltd, South Melbourne VIC


After buying in to a hotel and controlling stock on my own I found it very difficult to not only control the stock and get the right GP but to also identify the problem areas. I had in previous employment worked with Bevinco and realized that it was very difficult to control your stock without them. Bevinco provides a very easy to follow system and guides you through each step to be able to keep your loss of stock to a bear minimum. Since starting with Bevinco in my current business, results could be seen within the first week. But constantly Bevinco will keep on top of things week in and week out and will always be there for you in time of need.

I would recommend Bevinco for any business as they have shown to me not only that they can provide you with accurate reporting systems but they can save you a lot of dollars in the mean time. I would like to thank Peter Clark and his team for the exceptional service that he has provided and will always use him in future businesses that I may have.


Cricketers Arms Hotel

Trent Marshall, Cricketers Arms Hotel, Melbourne Victoria


When I first joined Australian Hospitality Management as the Group Operations Manager I was advised that we used the services of Bevinco. “What a total waste of money”, I thought. Today I would have to say that the company would be wasting significantly more money if it were not for the services provided by Bevinco. The timely and accurate reporting of all losses, wastage and stock usage cross matched against the sales for period ensures a management focus on any issues identified and swift appropriate action taken. I would have no hesitation in any company considering Bevinco’s services. With 28 years hospitality management experience they are the best I have seen to date.


Australian Hospitality Management

Philip Batty, Australian Hospitality Management, Melbourne VIC


I always want my venue to be professional.  I have professional bartenders, professional wait staff, so why would I want anything less for my stock takes?  Bevinco in my eyes are the industry standard for stocktaking.  Easy to read reports that really let you know where your money is coming from, and where it is going!  Any bar that I am involved with I use Bevinco.


The Good Shepherd

Nick Brady, The Good Shepherd, WA, Australia


We have been using Bevinco to control our liquor inventory for almost 6 years. As an internal theft deterrent and a pour cost control system, the service they provide is irreplaceable.


Botanica Bar & Bistro

Sheryl Scott, Botanica Bar & Bistro, Western Australia


BEVINCO is not only a fantastic product, they offer brilliant service, are very pro-active and assists us greatly in encouraging accountability of our F&B teams. We wouldn’t be without it.


Mantra Group

Neil Hay, Mantra Group WA/SA/NT Australia


The BEVINCO team are amazing as we carry over 200 product lines and stocktaking can be challenging. The detailed reporting and level of commitment in helping us improve, makes them a great business partner!


Luxe Bar

Andy Freeman, Luxe Bar, Western Australia


BEVINCO offers a fantastic service with reporting that I believe is essential for hospitality venues. I couldn’t recommend Chris and his professionalism enough.


Metro City Concert Club

David Mariyun-Hay, Metro City Concert Club, Western Australia


BEVINCO complete a weekly audit to assess stock, stock levels, stock control. They check losses and  put in controls to contain any losses while monitoring the results. They also monitor market trends weekly, monthly and annually and report to us. All these factors are important tools to do the job of managing this business and BEVINCO provides the lot. You can’t run a business without proper financial controls. You need information to do this. BEVINCO provides weekly, monthly and annually costs, profit margins, gross profits, with true cost of losses and stock holdings. They are considered by us as tools for the trade.


Peggy Gordon’s Celtic Bar

Bertie Burleigh, Peggy Gordon’s Celtic Bar, NZ


We have been using the services of BEVINCO since 2008. Having BEVINCO take care of our bar audits frees my time up to carry on with other parts of our business and also helps us keep up with trends and products in the industry. The reports are very useful and professional and the advice we receive through them is beneficial. BEVINCO provide a very good service for a very reasonable cost and we intend to continue to engage them for some time to come.


Stadium Restaurant & Bar

Grant & Lorraine Best, Stadium Restaurant & Bar, NZ


Since Craig from BEVINCO started servicing Crowded House Bar & Cafe in New Plymouth we have seen a vast improvement in our stock levels. He has also introduced systems to ensure that stock continues to be managed efficiently. He has put in place a weekly sheet delivered by him solely for the staff’s benefit to show them exactly what needs work on i.e spirits/beer/RTDs and this has simplified the process. We we have found the staff have responded well, with this showing in our efficiency figures immediately. Craig has been professional in his manner towards us and is always willing to explain and aid us in our day-to-day running of the business.We would have no hesitation in recommending BEVINCO and Craig to any other Bar that may be considering such a service.


Crowded House Bar & Cafe

Doc Van Praagh & Kerry Simion, Crowded House Bar & Cafe, NZ


Having been in the Hospitality industry for over 13 years now, I am aware of the importance of accurately monitoring the Key Performance Indicators within my business. I was first introduced to Steve Howells of BEVINCO at the Annual General Meeting of HANZ Waikato in July 2007 where BEVINCO had made a presentation to our members. Initially I was somewhat sceptical as to what the BEVINCO service might provide me personally and for my fellow HANZ members from a return on investment perspective. However, after meeting with Steve, I agreed that I would trial the BEVINCO service and see firsthand if all it claimed to achieve was indeed the case. I have been with BEVINCO now for over 6 years and in fact have introduced their services to many other businesses, as I now believe BEVINCO is a must for any business that sells Beer, Wine or Spirits.

The accuracy of information supplied from both a comparison of sales to stock used, to the monitoring of Pour cost and GPs on both a category and PLU by PLU basis, enables me to see on an ongoing and first hand basis how my business is performing and highlights any issues that need addressing. Because all purchase invoices are individually entered into the BEVINCO system BEVINCO are able to monitor any cost of goods increases and are able to pick up any anomalies that might occur.

The accuracy and quality of the information means I am better prepared to speak to my Manager and bar staff and reinforces the point that as a business we are serious about profitability. The reports that I receive on a weekly basis are presented in an easy to understand format and provide data on areas essential to the effective management of my business. Results and conclusions to be gained from the data are discussed with me in person in whatever length of time I require. Interestingly I have found that staff are not at all fearful of the results, quite the opposite, they are motivated and take an interest in seeing the results each week.

The continued changing face of our industry means that you need to stay ahead of the game. Having an Independent service such as BEVINCO review the liquor area of my business frees me to concentrate on other facets of the business. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve Howells and BEVINCO to other members of the Hospitality industry and in particular HANZ Association members.


The Dinsdale Office

Josh White, The Dinsdale Office, Waikato, NZ


I have been in the Hospitality Industry for over 30 years. Craig Leathley from Bevinco came into my premises and introduced himself to me and suggested I trial his services to see the benefits first hand. The results could be seen within the first week, and I have now been with BEVINCO for over 11 years.

This service provides me with:

  • Weekly reports to analyze my business,
  • They continuously look at ways of improving my profit margin,
  • Identify areas of shrinkage,
  • They set par levels and do my weekly orders for me which has meant a reduced level of stock and provided an internal theft deterrent

I would like to thank Craig Leathley for his exceptional service that he has provided me over the years and would highly recommend him to other members of the Hospitality Industry.


The Salty Dog

Ann Wilson, Salty Dog, NZ


We have  been using BEVINCO in four of my businesses over the past 6 years. There is no better company that does what Peter and his team achieve. Having an independent stock taking company is imperative to keeping our stock safe and well-managed. From accurate stock levels, costings and increasing turnover, their reporting systems are easy to follow and are an integral part of the running of my businesses.



Mansfield Hospitality Ltd

Shaun Halliwell, Mansfield Hospitality, Christchurch, NZ


We have been using the services of Bevinco since the beginning of our operation. Bevinco come in on a weekly basis and carry out a profit and loss review on our beverage business, identifying where inconsistencies have occurred, what has caused that inconsistency and offering solutions as to how we can rectify and improve our performance. We expressed and interest in perfecting our pour sites in our draft beer. BEVINCO worked with us to ensure that we got a consistent pout size that reduced our shortfall and improved our margins.

We have also utilised BEVINCO service in producing Par Order Reports. We have set minimum stock levels  with BEVINCO based on the history of our usage identified through the BEVINCO reports. With each audit we identify the difference between our minimum levels and the stock figure, and BEVINCO produce a report identifying how much we need to order. This has given us further insight into our purchasing and given our team a valuable tool.

BEVINCO are a critical part of our beverage stock management systems providing regular KPI’s to us and helping us in maximising our beverage profitability. I would thoroughly recommend their service.



Baretta Hospitality Company

Jeremy Ferguson, The Baretta Hospitality Company, Christchurch, NZ


After initially trialling Bevinco at Iguana, we have now implemented it in all 8 of our outlets and will also be implementing Bevinco at our new outlet Good Neighbour.  We are also currently using the Bevchek flow meter system at Good George and will be extending this into our other outlets over the next few months. The weekly reports we receive from Bevinco enables us to assess how the different outlets are performing & their stock levels.  It also highlights any areas of concern enabling the outlet managers to deal with issues/problems immediately. The reports also give us a clear indication of GP’s, pour costs, stock vs sales & overall performance.  These reports are accurate, easy to read, issues are explained clearly & solutions are offered.

We often receive additional newsletters or articles of interests from Bevinco that are really informative, offer solutions, show trends & keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in the hospitality world. Steve & the team are very supportive of our outlets, regularly attending functions or promos or popping in on their own accord. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve & his Bevinco team to any other hospitality outlet.


Phoenix Group

Jason Macklow, Phoenix Group, Hamilton NZ


We have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years now, we currently have four operations of which three serve alcoholic beverages and use BEVINCO.  We were first introduced to Steve Howells of BEVINCO in 2008 at a Hospitality networking evening; we were in the final planning stages of building our current business. After discussing our new project with Steve he suggested we trial his services for a month as he believed we could benefit from being involved with BEVINCO.  We have been with BEVINCO now for over 6 years and believe BEVINCO is a must for any hospitality business.

The reports that we receive on a weekly basis are presented in a professional yet personal easy to understand format.  The accuracy of information supplied and the BEVINCO rating system not only enables me to see how my business is performing on a week by week basis, it also highlights any issues that need addressing. Our managers have taken on board the importance of getting great results & a hugely motivated by a good weekly rating.

One of the things we value immensely is the personal touch from Steve & his team at BEVINCO, the lines of communication are always open should there be anything that needs discussing on any of the reports or general business. Steve’s staffs are professional and very knowledgeable.  I have no hesitation in recommending Steve Howells and BEVINCO to other members of the Hospitality industry.


The Pumice Food Group

David Kerr & Ryan Ladbrook, The Pumice Food Group, NZ